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Cole School Connect Webinar - Schools

Retention, Development & Ways of Working

As an attendee of the Cole School Connect Webinar, TalentCode HR would like to share with you
some valuable resources to further assist you in your Talent Attraction, Selection and Retention challenges.

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Resource Pack


Receive a copy of the presentation:  Talent Management in a Talent Short Market

Selection Resources

  • How to Select Top Talent
  • 6 Steps for Applicant Selection
  • 3 Key Areas to Assess When Looking for Top Talent

Attraction Resources

  • How to Attract Top Talent
  • 5 Steps to Create an Attraction Strategy

Retention Resources

  • How to Retain Top Talent
  • What to Tackle in Your Retention Strategy
  • Objectives for Future Proofing Your Organisation

10 Part Video Series

As a webinar attendee, you are welcome to a suite of 10-part video series that have been created to share insights, practical approaches and current thinking for leaders interested in optimising performance, culture and the well-being of their most valuable asset – people.

Each week new insights and tips video series will be shared discussing key areas of talent retention, attraction and selection to support you and your leaders in the current market.

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TalentCode HR specialises in creating high performance cultures in

Australian schools, colleges and universities.

Our mission to is make educational institutions great by improving the productivity and performance of their people.

We have had, and will continue to have a measurable impact on Schools business performance through the provision

of strategic advice, coaching, tools and training support and improve the performance of their people.

Case Study: Coomera Anglican College

Cole School Connect Webinar - Schools

The Challenge:

  • Converting a high-level strategic agenda into a clear strategic roadmap while obtaining the buy-in of the school leadership team undefined


  • Extending the existing foundation of trust to create an environment of Psychological Safety
  • This created an environment for innovation, collaboration and challenging existing ways of working

The Result:

  • A 3-year strategic plan with clear priorities, objectives and measures of success
  • An annual plan with 90-day measures of success, cross functional delivery teams and an engaged and excited leadership team.

“Trudy’s wealth of knowledge, exceptional skillset in being able to discern and articulate themes with clarity and to ‘push/nurture’ the room towards productive forward momentum is a true gift!” Virginia Warner – Deputy Principal

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Hear From Our Clients

TalentCode HR recently partnered with Collarts to review the remuneration structure and strategy for their academic roles.

This involved conducting extensive market research and developing a remuneration system that was competitive, exceeding market expectations and rewarding the behaviours and outcomes that will ensure staff are focused on the things that matter most to the college, its staff and students.

TalentCode HR is excited to enter year two of the Aspect Studios leadership development program.

Aspect Studios CEO Ivan Ross discusses some of the objectives and benefits from 2021s program.

Trudy partnered with the McGrath Foundation to support their leadership team in defining their purpose.

As part of this the team defined a roadmap for taking their team on a high-performance journey set around key dimensions of their purpose and vision.