Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

April 8, 2016 Culture
Employee Engagement -

Question of the Month:
James was once a top performer, but now he’s coming in late, being rude and not achieving his targets – what do we do?

Unfortunately it’s all too often that businesses face a loss of productivity, and even damage to reputation as a result of disengaged employees. Whilst employees may become disengaged for a number of reasons (personal reasons, low job satisfaction and changes in the workplace tend to often be the culprits) the question to ask yourself is simple – is the employee ‘too far gone’?

When behaviour, attitude and performance are considered as a whole, ask yourself – is this person actively disengaged? An actively disengaged employee:

Lacks the ambition to genuinely care about their job or the business. While they may not openly declare their dissatisfaction, their attitude slips into negativity and affects their work.
Is stagnant in individual development and is disinterested in the goals of the business.
Is focused on personal gains as opposed to team, departmental, or business achievement.
Not proud of the organisation.
Puts in sufficient time to meet minimum requirements.
Does not feel a sense of purpose or pride in their work – it’s “just a job.”
Indifferent or apathetic to work-related issues or events.
If your employee is one of the above, it’s time to sit down and identify what their core concerns/issues are. Beyond this, or if the employee is unwilling to share his/her concerns, it may be time to consider performance management of the employee.
It is far easier to engage employees in the first instance than attempt to reengage a disengaged employee, so ask yourself – does our business know how engaged our employees are? If not, it may be time to consider finding out by investing in an Engagement Survey, a confidential method of obtaining information on employee engagement levels and concerns.

If you would like to know more about Engagement Surveys, or organise for your organisation to undertake one, please contact the team here at Talent Code on 1300 55 95 85.

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