How To Ensure Your Performance Conversations Are Effective

How To Ensure Your Performance Conversations Are Effective

How To Ensure Your Performance Conversations Are Effective -

Newsletter – January 2022

How to ensure your performance conversations are effective

As the pandemic continues to throw hurdles into our everyday lives, leaders are faced with the challenge of continuing to ensure their teams are engaged, inspired, and supported. Maintaining a high-performance culture comes down to a number of key people and culture foundational components, one of these critical pieces is regular performance and development catch ups. There is power in an effectively managed performance conversation, however many leaders fail to hold these regularly or effectively.

The ongoing success of the business is dependent on all team members performing at an optimum level, these manager tips provide some guidance what should happen during and after each conversation:

  1. The team member should be prepared to lead the discussion on how they are tracking, ask for any support that they need and provide any feedback they would like to share with you.
  2. Discuss any feedback you have for them effective feedback principals such as the SBI model and radical candour.
  3. It is highly recommended that each team member has a development activity or goal to focus on.  This can be something small related to their current role, a behaviour or developing towards a possible future role within the business.
  4. During the review meeting you should document notes to assist with future discussions or performance meetings.

As a manager your role is to coach team members, set measures of success and goals that will inspire performance and provide feedback that allows individuals to grow and develop to better support their personal and professional goals within the business.

While there are numerous pressures on leaders, employees and businesses as a whole, it is important to maintain regular checks in as this will be a key point of ensuring you are staying on top of any potential performance issues, maintaining focus on what matters and leading your employees through continued challenges that this year may throw at us.

If you are interested in learning more about how to turn your performance and development conversations into a tool of engagement and inspiration for high-performance please contact us.

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