Introducing HR On-Demand

At Talent Code, we talk to Small Businesses every day, and we hear the struggle they face from both a financial and resource perspective when trying to ensure their compliance with the Fair Work Act and Work Health and Safety legislation.

We’ve heard our customer’s need for a simple, easy and cost effective way to manage their compliance and avoid potential hefty penalties, and we’ve come together to create a solution.

Coming soon…
Talent Code’s Small Business solution – an easy, cost effective system designed to help your business achieve compliance. This online document portal will provide your business with fully customisable:

  • Policies and procedures written specifically for small business;
  • Employment Contracts,
  • HR/WH&S letters and communications templates;
  • Checklists designed to help your business know and understand its obligations

And last but not least, the ability to purchase ‘blocks’ of hours for our Advice On-Demand service, allowing you to seek guidance on:

  • What policies and procedures your business will need;
  • How to implement policies and procedures;
  • Award classification and pay rate assessment; and
  • Any HR/WH&S related issue you may have enquiry about.

Sound like what you’ve been waiting for? It’s coming soon, so speak with us here at HR On-Demand by calling 1300 55 95 85 to get on the notification list and to be advised of the release of this service!