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Are Your Leaders Set Up For Success?

Successful businesses understand that establishing the foundations of a high-performance culture leads to enhanced business performance, sustainability and adaptability. The key to creating a high-performance culture starts by ensuring your leaders are set up for success with opportunities to develop and maintain their own skills and capabilities.

Introducing Leadership Labs by TalentCode HR

Leadership Labs provides an effective, tailored and impactful solution to enhance the leadership
capabilities of individuals with a focus on accountability and business impact.  
This includes:
Monthly peer coaching with like-minded professionals across industries
Monthly leadership best practice spotlight delivered by a leadership expert
Access to a self-paced online learning platform with a library of core leadership modules

Why Leadership Labs?

The objective of the Leadership Labs subscription is to provide access to coaching on leadership challenges, develop leadership capabilities and grow support organisational performance. We aim to compel individuals to learn, hold themselves accountable and maintain the growth momentum to support the things that matter. 

What is Leadership Labs? 

Through our Leadership Labs your leaders will have access to a monthly 2-hour workshop with peers from all industries to:
1. Improve their leadership capabilities
2. Have access to seasoned leadership experts
3. Receive real-time feedback from peers on challenging issues they are facing; and
4. Be held accountable for their learning and actions taken from each session, to ensure learning is embedded in your business
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Leadership Labs – HighPerformance Model

The infographic below visually describes the three key elements, along with the nine sub foundations

that your business needs to ensure it is building a High-Performance Culture. This forms the basis for topics in our Leadership Labs.

Leadership Labs -

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What Our Lab Participants Are Saying:

“Knowing I have valuable learning at my fingertips, experts to consult with, and a group of peers to brainstorm with is a very encouraging and motivating thing. After one session of the Labs, I already feel less alone in the world of HR and have gained some good tips to take with me in the next few weeks. Trudy is an incredible presenter and educator, and Zoe is a down-to-earth presence that ties us all together while keeping it all running smoothly in the background. Both Trudy and Zoe bring an essential combination of empathy and expertise to every question, comment and activity.”
Lorin  – QC Communications

“TalentCode Labs is a very well thought out learning environment that fosters a supportive learning forum for leaders and people leaders. The learning is delivered in bite-sized chunks which you can complete at your own pace, something that is ideal as most people are quite time-poor. The learning is put into practice in the monthly meetings and the coaches; Trudy and Zoe foster a safe, supportive learning environment where you feel safe enough to speak up and ask a question.”
Rima – ANC

“The most profound impact of this course has been the diminishing traits. I do every single one of them. If I handed my team the tools and the instructions and then checked in along the way or awaited the outcome they would build the next one much faster and my time could be better utilised in adding future value to the business.” Beaumont Tiles Participant

“I have learned that in a leadership role I need to think more about future planning, need to communicate with each staff member in a better way (based off their personality type), and need to allocate my time in a more productive way instead of taking on work which could be done by others. I have changed my mindset of how to deal with each team member” Beaumont Tiles Participant

“I feel like I understand my professional style a lot better and because of that, I’ll get more out of myself, but also the people around me. It’s changed me because I’m a lot more patient and have a better perception on why other people make certain decisions. I’m really confident in the way I’m approaching difficult situations now because of my learnings throughout this course.” Beaumont Tiles Participant