Rewarding Great

Hear from one of our Rewarding Great customers

What would be the impact to your business if your reward schemes were effective at motivating “great” performance?

Our customers tell us that they see an immediate lift in profitability and the engagement / retention of high performing staff.  This is a result of remuneration and reward systems that create:

  • Strategic Alignment – common focus and direction at all levels
  • Cultural Alignment – the desired culture is embedded across the business
  • Fairness – rewards high performance for individuals and the business

How Does it Work?

Once you have defined “great” for your roles and have an effective process for measuring “great”, high performance remuneration and reward tools can be established for your business.
This incorporates:

  • Short-term incentive schemes that take into account “great” business and individual performance
  • Simple and effective long-term incentive schemes
  • A strategy for reviewing total remuneration and rewards
  • Financial models so you can budget and accrue reward expenses

Get this right and you will have the financial levers in place to drive and retain a high performance workforce.

Rewarding Great -