Selecting Winners – Recruitment and Selection

Selecting Winners – Recruitment and Selection

April 8, 2016 Recruitment
Selecting Winners – Recruitment and Selection -

Without a doubt, recruitment and selection is one of the most critical responsibilities of a leader. Getting it right means happy hiring managers, getting it wrong has huge implications for the business – sending you back to the drawing board to find that “great fit” in addition to taking all the necessary steps, time and money to manage the poor performing employee out of the business. This flow on effect costs businesses on average 300% of the candidate’s base salary. The cost increases significantly when the poor performer is in a leadership or sales role.

So how do we determine a ‘great fit’ and avoid hiring another poor performer?

Great hires can be identified through their ability to competently undertake the technical aspects of the role in addition to ensuring that their individual work style and preferences are aligned with your company culture and values. These key qualities can be drawn from the candidate quickly through behavioural screening tools and psychometric assessments, reducing time and money invested in the recruitment process overall.

Behavioural screening and interviewing is a quality tool that allows you to quickly identify the ‘red flag’ behaviours with candidates while remaining objective. Are they a team player? How do they handle team conflict? Can they reflect on why something didn’t work and strategise how to make this work in the future?

Some of our favourite behavioural screening questions include:

1) Tell me about a time you enhanced your organisation’s performance in the market? What did you do and how do you know you made a difference? Is there anything you would have done differently in hindsight?

2) Tell me about a time when you have had to take charge of a situation that was changing quickly. What was the situation, how did you approach the task, and what was the result?

3) What is the most stressful conflict situation you have found yourself in at work? How did you handle it? Reflecting back, if it happened again, would you handle it differently?

Questions like these, partnered with a reliable competency based assessment allows you to understand who you are hiring and how to motivate and manage them before you sign on the dotted line.

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