Using 30-Day Plans to Support Your Teams

One of the leading factors in resignations is workplace culture. Many organisations have struggled long with engaging, motivating and providing purpose for employees, which the pandemic only exacerbated.

Post COVID, we are seeing some global trends when it comes to engagement in the workforce. Only 20% of the world’s workforce is currently engaged. Engaged employees are less likely to quit and it will take more than a 20% pay rise to poach them. 41% of global workers are considering leaving their current jobs.

Failing to engage, motivate and provide purpose to your employees will result in a loss of talent. To put it bluntly, refocusing employees isn’t an option it’s a necessity!

Time is of the essence, with the end of the financial year around the corner many businesses are franticly trying to meet goals and targets. Not only that, but performance reviews are front of everyone’s mind. It is in the interest of both employee and employer to dig the heels in these next six weeks.

This isn’t going to be easy. Going into June 30, tensions are high, people are tired, stressed, burned-out and dis-engaged. Many businesses are pulling out all the stops to get their people ready to drive this financial year home. A simple tool that should not be overlooked is the usefulness of a 30-day plan.

Creating purpose around the next month is critical. A common saying is those who fail to plan, plan to fail. Creating a 30-day plan gives your employees ownership of their actions, drives accountability, and keeps employees focused on what needs to be done at any point in time to deliver as a team through the process of goal setting.

One of the easiest ways to refocus your employees is through clearly defined goals and milestones. Goal setting and the idea of a June 30 countdown can be a very powerful tool that supports clarity and focus for leadership, teams, and individuals.

Ensure goals are SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely) will drive employees to meet their milestones before June 30. It also enables employees to understand the ‘why’ behind the goals and helps them see the bigger picture.

30-day plans take this a step further by not only having employees set professional goals but also personal and developmental goals as well. These might be short-term or long-term career, performance and promotion goals, or life and private goals that you are working towards.

They also allow employees to identify their high-performance habits and rituals that rely on. Exercise, cooking, catching up with friends, whatever they enjoy and will underpin their success.

30-day plans are a simple tool employers can implement to get their employees to take ownership of their own actions and development and really finish this financial year off strong.

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