What will happen to businesses if ‘Stage 4’ restrictions are put in place for Victoria?

What will happen to businesses if ‘Stage 4’ restrictions are put in place for Victoria?

July 15, 2020 News & Events

We are all too aware of the rise in COVID-19 cases in Victoria and the escalating need for further intervention to prevent further spread of the virus – but if the current ‘Stage 3’ restrictions aren’t effective enough, what would ‘Stage 4’ look like?

Although the Premier and Chief Health Officer haven’t clarified what a ‘Stage 4’ would look like, we can look to New Zealand’s COVID-19 Alert Levels Summary to get an idea. Under the NZ Alert Levels, Stage 4 is considered a ‘lockdown’ scenario that is triggered when community transmission is occurring and widespread outbreaks and new clusters are forming. The range of measures may include:

  • Closure of all businesses except for essential services (e.g. supermarkets, pharmacies, clinics, petrol stations and lifeline utilities)
  • A requirement for people to stay at home other than for essential personal movement with travel severely limited
  • A requirement to wear a mask when out of the home
  • Closure of all educational facilities
  • Cancellation of all gatherings
  • Closure of all public venues

How do I prepare my business?

If your business has previously been able to continue operating from its premises (or even if it hasn’t), it’s time to assess what impact the above potential measures may have on your business. Are your workers ready to work from home? Do they have the necessary equipment? Would you need to close or partially close due to lack of work – and if you do, do you know what you can or can’t do under the Fair Work Act?

Whatever the future brings, it’s best to be prepared and think about these things now, and don’t forget that at HR On-Demand, we’re here to support your business through this complicated time. For assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at hrondemand@talentcodehr.com.au or on 1300 55 99 62.

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