High Performance Boards

Supporting High-Performance Boards

At TalentCode HR, we specialise in partnering with boards across all industries to cultivate high-performance environments that foster success. With our expertise in board dynamics and leadership, we ensure your board operates at its peak potential, navigating governance, strategic direction, trends, opportunities, and risks.

We’re committed to enhancing your board’s dynamics and implementing innovative approaches to optimise performance.

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Strategic Planning

Strategy Implementation

High-Performance Board Evaluations

Tailored evaluations to delve deep into your board's dynamic

Identify opportunities for improvement and growth.

Establishing High-Performance Behaviours

Behaviours that foster productivity, constructive conflict resolution, respectful challenges, and high levels of trust.

Empower your board to navigate challenges effectively and capitalise on opportunities.

Director Development Programs

Build critical skills necessary to successfully lead in a board environment.

Enhance your Boards collective capabilities and drive long-term success.

Client Success Stories – Boards

Take a look at some of the high-impact projects we have been working on 

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Compare Club

Compare Club, once again partnered with TalentCode HR to refine their priorities and goals for sustained growth.
Through a collaborative 2 day workshop and focused planning session, Trudy guided the Compare Club Board and leadership team in developing a clear roadmap. This strategic plan aligned departments, unearthed actionable insights, and positioned Compare Club for long-term success in a competitive market.

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Greater Bank (Now Newcastle Greater Mutual)

Newcastle Greater Mutual, formerly known as Greater Bank, engaged Trudy and the TalentCode HR team for strategic initiatives and development opportunities crucial for business transitions. Over several years, our partnership focused on supporting the executive team and the board through various strategic endeavours. We introduced innovative thinking to refine work practices and fostered a deeper level of self-awareness among stakeholders. This approach enabled them to effectively deliver on critical priorities and navigate business transformations with confidence.
infrastructure sustainability council logo

Infrastructure Sustainability Council

Trudy collaborated closely with the ISC Board to assess their essential operational methods and co-create detailed leadership charters.
These charters serve as a guiding framework for the board's collective direction going forward, fostering alignment and clarity in their strategic endeavours.

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Star Pharmacy

TalentCode HR have worked closely with the Star Pharmacy Executive Chairman to review and refine their Pharmacist Mentoring program.
This included recommendations for optimisations to their leadership development approaches, onboarding and strategy. Trudy has additionally worked closely with the Executive Team in supporting their strategic planning to ensure the business can continue to achieve great goals through an engaged, focused and high-performing teams.

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Heart Research Australia

Trudy collaborated with the board of Heart Research Australia to facilitate a high-performance team workshop aimed at enhancing their effectiveness. The workshop involved a tailored survey designed to understand the dynamics and future goals of the board. Utilising the DISC assessment tool, Trudy and the board delved deeper into understanding each member's communication styles and behavioural tendencies. This allowed for a comprehensive understanding of the newly formed board. Together, they established an aligned charter outlining how they would collaborate to achieve their shared objectives. Through Trudy's guidance and expertise, Heart Research Australia's board laid the groundwork for improved teamwork and strategic alignment towards their mission.

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