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TalentCode HR specialises in tailored strategic planning and strategy support for organisations. We pride ourselves on crafting bespoke solutions that align with your specific needs and objectives, influencing overall goals. Committed to genuine partnerships and collaboration, we ensure long-term success.

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Strategic Planning

Strategy Implementation

Organisational Design

Tailored solutions to align with organisational goals and empower high performance, fostering resilience and success.

Identification of what your business needs to succeed.

Creation of a structure to support your goals.

Frameworks to continuously update, measure and stay target.

Strategy Execution

Execute strategic plans effectively, foster accountability at all levels, and measure performance accurately to drive sustainable success

Translating strategic goals into actionable plans

Embedding of informed decision-making and accountability

Implementation of robust metrics to track and evaluate progress

Change Management

Tailored change management frameworks to implement change effectively, aligning with strategic goals and fostering engagement.

Frameworks designed to suit organisational needs.

Training for leaders, empowering them to drive successful initiatives.

Detailed roadmaps for clear and structured change

Client Success Stories - Organisational Strategy

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Strategic Planning Refresh

TalentCode HR recently supported Compare Club for the second time in refreshing their strategic plan, leveraging pre-workshop surveys and reports to facilitate a detailed review. Gathering the team, We guided them in focusing on their objectives and the path forward. The session aimed to refine and update Compare Club's original 5-year plan, ensuring alignment with current objectives and market dynamics. Through collaborative efforts and a thorough assessment of their goals, our support enabled Compare Club to chart a clear course for future success.
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Strategic Partnership

As part of a broader strategic partnership, Trudy assisted Danrae Waterproofing in establishing their 3-year plan, which involved translating it into a 12-month plan with quarterly priorities. Trudy ensured onsite team engagement to drive the successful execution of the strategy implementation. By facilitating the development of a comprehensive plan and fostering team involvement, Trudy played a crucial role in aligning Danrae Waterproofing's goals with actionable steps, ultimately enhancing their ability to achieve strategic objectives effectively.
worrells 2

Strategic Planning

TalentCode HR collaborated with the national board of Worrells to facilitate the planning process and establish the strategic plan for the next 3 years. The session proved to be challenging, requiring deep and innovative thinking from all participants. Despite the challenges, the session resulted in a high level of alignment among the national directors, culminating in the development of a targeted strategic plan. Our facilitation supported an environment that thrived on open dialogue and creative problem-solving, enabling Worrells to set clear objectives and directions for their future endeavour’s.

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