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HR Advisory and Support

HR OnDemand by TalentCode HR, is a specialised advisory service designed to meet compliance and legislative requirements in real-time. We offer guidance and coaching on people and compliance matters, establishing robust foundations to safeguard both your organisation and its people. With skills in organisational re-structures, redundancies, grievance investigations and the challenges questions around ER/IR/HR issues that arise daily, our team ensures your supported in the most critical and challenging times. 

We conduct various workplace surveys, such as engagement and culture surveys, and assess psychosocial risks, providing crucial data and insights for informed decision-making. 

Tailoring our services to your organisational needs and budget considerations, we offer options for ongoing advice or ad hoc support. Explore our advisory services below.

HR and People Guidance

HR Compliance

Bridge Compliance Gaps

Specialising in the development and implementation of Policy Suites, we ensure comprehensive frameworks to bridge compliance gaps within your organisation.

Address specific compliance needs and alignment with legal and industry standards.

Seamless integration into your organisational structure

Ongoing monitoring and updates to your policies, to maintain compliance

Navigate Grievances with Expertise

Specialising in Grievance Investigations and Mediation, we offer comprehensive solutions to address workplace conflicts and promote resolution.

Impartial and thorough investigations into grievances

Fairness and transparency throughout the process.

Constructive dialogues and negotiations to preserve relationships and productivity.

Tailored recommendations and support

Implement sustainable solutions and prevent future grievances.

Engagement and Culture Surveys

Specialising in the design and implementation of Engagement or Culture Surveys, we facilitate meaningful insights to enhance organisational dynamics and foster employee engagement.

Customised to capture specific organisational needs and cultural nuances

Advanced survey system, to ensure maximum participation and honest feedback

Thorough analysis and actionable insights to strengthen employee engagement

Cultivate a positive organisational culture.

Virtual Lunch and Learns

Offering engaging sessions for all employees, our Virtual Lunch and Learns focus on key areas of compliance knowledge and development, such as workplace conduct training, resilience and wellbeing, or time-management.

Interactive workshops and discussions,

Providing practical tips and strategies for improvement.

With virtual delivery promoting inclusivity and convenience for all staff members.

Client Success Stories – HR Advisory

Take a look at some of the high-impact projects we have been working on

Envirolab group logo

Envirolab – HR OnDemand

Over 7 years, HR On-Demand has been a crucial support for Envirolab, providing real-time coaching, issue resolution, and guidance for ongoing people strategies. This partnership ensures access to reliable advisory services at a fraction of the cost of an internal HR Manager, empowering Envirolab to navigate HR challenges effectively while focusing resources on core business priorities.

The Haymarket Foundation logo with no background

The Haymarket Foundation

For over 5 years, HR On Demand has been a trusted advisor to the Haymarket Foundation, providing essential advice, coaching, and support in critical people and culture areas. From conducting comprehensive workplace surveys to developing targeted recommendations and action plans, HR On Demand has played a pivotal role in guiding key people strategies and initiatives. This enduring partnership ensures that the leadership team at Haymarket Foundation has access to reliable and trusted support, empowering them to navigate complex HR challenges with confidence and drive positive change within their organisation.

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