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Many businesses are going through rapid and significant changes as we navigate the disruption that has become the new normal. The rule book for how to operate the business, let alone drive business growth and engage with our people and customers has been thrown out the window.

One of the most important things you can be doing right now is surrounding yourself with the right people, the right knowledge and a range of different perspectives to help rebuild and create a business that is robust and resilient, for whatever the future has in store.

Whether you thrive or survive in the coming months and years will be determined by the foundations you build now, which will include new ways of working and ultimately the capabilities you will need in your team moving forward.

TalentCode HR’s Leadership Labs are designed to build the capabilities needed by your Managers and Leaders to thrive in this current disrupted, disjointed and ever changing environment so your business is set up for success.

Online Learning -

Introducing TalentCode HR’s

Leadership Labs


Leadership Labs from TalentCode HR are short, six-week courses specifically designed to give the people managers in your business the skills, knowledge, context and understanding to help you create a resilient business and workforce that can thrive during uncertain times.

Curated and developed by award-winning leadership development speaker and coach, Trudy MacDonald, each Leadership Lab delves deep into an area that’s imperative for your business to thrive in the current environment – meaning each one is hyper-relevant to the issues your business will face over the coming months and years.

By taking part in Leadership Labs your people managers will be armed with the skills they need to tackle what lies ahead.

Leadership Labs Overview

Your people managers need new skills to help guide your business and your people through the challenges that lie ahead.

Leadership Labs have been designed to provide the skills, context and implementation support you need.  

  • Each Lab includes three guided learning modules on a specific topic

  • Designed for online, on-demand learning delivery, complemented by three one-hour high-performance workshops

  • Study as much, or as little, as you like each week to complete the course

  • Access to tools, resources and a peer network

  • 30-day action plan to deliver back into the business

  • Pre and post Lab check-in with the Business Sponsor to establish learning goals for Participants and how to bring learning into the business.

  • An Accountability Coach ensures practical action in the workplace

The Leadership Labs Process

Online Learning -

Leadership Labs Standard Pricing

$1500 per person per Leadership Lab

Discounts available for 3 or more people. 


Student Time Commitment 

Approximately 1 hour per week for 6 weeks.

3 hours of self paced online learning.

3 hours of high performance workshops

Available Leadership  Labs

LAB 1: Difficult Conversations

LAB 2: Effective Communication & Emotional Inteligence


We are building new courses and they will be available in the near future.

One of the fundamental capabilities associated with managing people and leading teams to high levels of performance is the ability to have effective accountability and performance conversations. This is related to how to give and receive feedback and having the confidence to have difficult conversations.

The Difficult Conversations Leadership Lab is designed to provide Participants with the frameworks, communication guides and confidence to have difficult and performance conversations in any setting so they can inspire, motivate and lead teams to the next level of performance.

Course and Learning Objectives:

Course 1: Effective Performance Conversations

  • Preparing for performance conversations, managing difficult conversations and having non-judgmental conversations
  • Structuring performance conversations
  • How to provide feedback
  • How to receive feedback
  • Trouble shooting common issues

Course 2: Mastering Performance Review Conversations

  • How to shift from annual reviews to more frequent conversations
  • Specific questions to ask to drive accountability for KPIs and behaviours
  • How to create a meaningful development plan
  • Putting performance review conversations into practice
  • Trouble shooting common issues

Course 3: Difficult Conversations Made Easier

  • The causes of underperformance
  • Applying radical candor to ensure messages are effectively heard
  • Preparing for difficult conversations
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Putting difficult conversations into practice
  • Trouble shooting common issues

Before leaders can be effective at managing and driving a highly engaged workforce, they must first understand their own style of communication and how they are perceived. Our Leadership Lab is based on the DISC training and designed to help leaders develop an in depth understanding of their own and others communication styles, the ability to adapt to get the best from their team in any situation and be the foundation for driving a highly engaged workforce.

This foundation for enhanced emotional intelligence is underpinned by self-awareness, empathy, leadership and resilience.  Our leadership lab is focused on the ability to understand and harness human emotions which is critical to enhancing decision-making, improving behaviour and facilitating high performance.


PRICING:  $1,700 + GST per person (includes DISC assessment and report)

Course and Learning Objectives:

Course 1: Understanding my Communication Style

  • The importance of self-awareness
  • Understanding the different communication styles and your personal communication preferences
  • Personal reflection of your style, intentions, behaviours and impact

Course 2: Understanding Others

  • The importance of understanding others
  • How to read others and understand their communication style
  • Adapting to others styles and understandings intentions, behaviours and impact

Course 3: Applying Emotional Intelligence 

  • The importance of emotional intelligence
  • Understanding your directing & delegating, motivational, development and observing styles
  • Creating plans for effectively managing and utilising all 4 styles

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What Our Clients Say About Us

NPA is a network of not for profit CEO’s and C Suite leaders who have engaged with Trudy Macdonald on multiple occasions through Keynote presentations; online webinars; and inhouse interactive workshops.

 Trudy’s engaging and practical approach appeals to our diverse audience of leaders of varying experience – she cuts through the complexity and delivers tools, frameworks and processes that make complex strategy simple to understand and implement. 

 Trudy’s thought leadership – combined with a common sense approach – has left a lasting impression on our Members. They regularly tell us how they are putting Trudy’s approach, to accountability and high performance, into practice and they can really see the results.  

 I cannot recommend Trudy highly enough.

Carmel Molloy

CEO & Co-Founder

The NonProfit Alliance

Online Learning -

I recently engaged Trudy to facilitate an online training presentation to a group of CEOs on the subject of Leadership in Times of Uncertainty.

The presentation was extremely timely, relevant and challenged the Leaders to think beyond the present crisis to their opportunities and future strategies.

Trudy is a highly engaging, credible leader who creates enormous value through generosity of information and her ability to simplify complex ideas into practical tools and processes that can be implemented. 

Subsequently, we have invited Trudy to deliver a three part series to this CEO group. I look forward to Trudy’s continued support through these challenging times and beyond. 

Adrian Geering

Chairman TEC Group 13

Since April 1989

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