Hear From Our Clients

Industry: Strategic Consulting

Chris Morgan, Managing Director at Herrmann International Asia explains that as a business they were suffering from a lack of clarity around role descriptions and KPI drive accountability and results.

The Results?
By partnering with TalentCode HR they were able to overhaul their people process with a more holistic approach to their HR needs.

Industry: Strategic Consulting

“We are very happy with the results of working with Talent Code”

Venture Consulting’s graduate recruitment program was a long winded and arduous process that gave mixed results. By partnering with Talent Code, they were able to define what “great” looks like in a graduate candidate.

The Results?
A completely redesigned recruitment process that is more time efficient, rigorous and identifies the best candidates.

Industry: Environmental Science

“Our experience with Talent Code has been fantastic”

Christopher Galloway, General Manager at SESL, Australia explains how a more professional approach to HR was required at SESL. Partnering with Talent Code provided a clear direction in areas of role clarity, performance measurement, salary bench-marking, incentives schemes and sales training.

The Results?
This has resulted in greater performance by employees and sales leading to company growth.

Industry: Technology

“It has been a great experience for us and I would highly recommend it”

Mike Pearson, Director at IPMO, shares how Talent Code has worked with the business to design and implement a reward and recognition package that is directly tied to the strategic objectives of the business.

The Results?
This has provided his team with a clear understanding of what is required and will help business growth.

Industry: Industrial

“Talent Code’s psych testing enabled us to hire some really good people”

Adrian Grocott, Managing Director at Express Glass, discusses how partnering with Talent Code to use Psychometric Assessments has supported his recruitment process.

The Results?
The addition of psychometric testing to the recruitment process has resulted in the hiring of higher quality candidates and identifying candidate strengths, leadership potential and areas for development.

Industry: Technology

“This has been a very useful process and allowed us to get really focused”

Alan Chapman, Founder and owner of Connexa, discusses how Talent Code supported him to implement a process to define and measure great for their Research and Development team.

A key part of this process was to determine the “non negotiable” areas of responsibility that would optimise performance for every role and the associated KPIs that would provide objectivity around what “great” looked like. With this approach, remuneration discussions were separated from the review process which enabled more honest discussions around performance and development.

The Results?
The process has allowed individuals to focus on the most important aspects of their roles and to be held accountable for delivering the desired objectives for the business. Everyone is aligned to common goals that will ensure that the business continues to be great in the future.


Industry: Property

“We have seen a noticeable business improvement as a result of Talent Code’s Executive Coaching”

Olivia Walsh, Learning & Development Manager from CBRE, shares how Talent Code’s Executive Coaching and Leadership Assessments have delivered measurable results to the business.
She explains how important management strength and leadership capability is to the success of the business and the investment CBRE has made in supporting leaders to fulfill their potential.
Talent Code executive coaches have worked with a number of senior leaders in the business to help them understand their strength, derailers and areas of leadership development. The coaching has been aligned to the core values of CBRE and what “great” leadership looks like for the business.

The Results?
The leaders have found additional strengths and have adopted techniques to overcome their areas of development. Overall, the performance of our leaders has been enhanced by Talent Code Executive Coaches.

Industry: Not for Profit

“We have been really excited about the work we have done with Talent Code”

Simon Rountree, CEO of Camp Quality, shares how Talent Code has partnered with the business to create and implement an innovative approach to paying and rewarding staff that will both attract and retain great people.

He discusses how Talent Code facilitated a process to define what “great” looks like for every role in the business and aligned individual measures of success with strategic objectives. Using this as a framework for measuring performance and holding everyone accountable for being “great” in their roles, he further explains how Talent Code designed an innovative approach to rewarding “great” performance across the business. This encompasses a fixed remuneration model that provides individual flexibility and a performance-based incentive scheme that balances business and individual performance.

The Results?
Staff have engaged with the concept of striving to be “great” in their roles, Managers have the tools and training to hold people accountable for performance and the business has a highly attractive performance based reward system that will attract and retain the best people for the business.

Industry: Medical

“HR On-Demand has been an invaluable service for us…”

Richard New, Managing Director of Patterson Medical Australia & New Zealand, explains how Talent Code’s HR On-Demand service has been an invaluable asset to his business.
He discusses the reasons why he engaged Talent Code’s HR On-Demand service and the benefits he has seen from the real time advice and support on people, HR and industrial relations matters. These benefits are reflected through a reduction in costs, protecting the business and ensuring that the best people decisions are made.
Richard also shares how Talent Code has removed the need to have an in-house HR department through the strategic advisory and on-site support services that have enabled the business to effectively implement people and performance initiatives in line with the strategic direction of the business.

The Results?
The business is now making timely people decisions and has access to expert advice as needed. Talent Code is proactive in keeping the business protected and informed which provides leaders with peace of mind and time to focus on growing the business.

Industry: Government

“We have seen a 30% lift in our engagement scores”

Delaine Wilson, Manager Accounting Services at Auckland Council, shares how Talent Code has made a significant impact on the engagement and performance of her team. She discusses how Talent Code has enhanced the leadership capabilities of Team Leaders and Managers and delivered specific training and cultural initiates to create a high performance and engaged culture.

The Results?
A 30% increase in engagement scores as measured by Auckland Council’s annual engagement survey and a high performing team that is delivering great results for Auckland City.

Industry: Mining

“We have seen a noticeable change in our people”

Glen Lewis, Managing Director of NuCoal Resources, shares how Talent Code has been integral in shaping the future success of the business.
He discusses how Talent Code continues to partner with the business to help them select great people for the future through integrating psychometric assessment into the hiring process and build systems that enable them to get the most out of people as they continue to grow. Talent Code executive coaching and mentoring has played a key role in the professional development of leaders across the business.

The Results?
A noticeable change in the motivation and capabilities of the team and the people systems in place for rapid expansion. This has set the business up to achieve its ambitious growth plans.

Industry: Technology

“We are building a high performance team and getting good people on-board”

Scott McKinnel, Managing Director of Checkpoint Software Technologies, shares how Talent Code has helped him create a high performance workforce.
He discusses how the business is developing their people to reach their potential and the importance of getting the right people on board through the psychometric assessment of everyone they look to employ. This ensures they can accurately understand competencies, areas for development and job fit.

The Results?
A high performing workforce that consistently exceeds expectations, nearly no unplanned attrition and the in-house talent to promote people from within.

Industry: Finance

“We have seen a substantial improvement in our culture”

Mark O’Donoghue, Managing Director of Finlease, shares how Talent Code has impacted the performance of his business through the use of psychometric assessments to hire the right people and HR On-Demand to access HR expertise when he needs it.
He discusses how defining “great” for all roles in the business has created a bench-mark by which people can be held accountable and developed to maximise their potential. Mark reflects how having a dedicated, experienced HR professional through Talent Code’s HR On-Demand has given him the people expertise his business needs, when he needs it.

The Results?
A high performing business that continues to grow, great people and an improved culture underpinned by a strong focus on client service.

Industry: Health & Fitness

“Our team is now much more focused on providing a better member experience”

Steve Rollings, Managing Director and Franchisee of 10 Anytime Fitness Clubs, shares how Talent Code has helped drive the ongoing success of Anytime Fitness Clubs.

He discusses how the member experience is critical to the success of the business and how Talent Code has introduced business planning, structure and tools for holding people accountable for the most important things. Through access to Talent Code’s HR On-Demand, the business has access to real time HR expertise when they need it to support all aspects of people management.

The Results?
The team is developing beyond their current capabilities, is more focused on providing a better member experience and the business is set up for further growth.

Industry: Engineering & Professional Services

“Our performance has improved and we are doing better and better”

Berislav Crnkovic, Managing Director at Equilibrium Air Conditioning, shares how his business continues to grow with the support of Talent Code to oversee his strategic people and performance needs.
He discusses how Talent Code’s HR On-Demand gives him access to a wealth of HR knowledge and expertise that drives the strategic people needs of his business such as compensation design and workforce planning and the day to day operational challenges that arise from running a complex engineering and professional services business.

The Results?
Talent Code is considered part of the team at Equilibrium. The business now has in place the people systems, tools and knowledge needed to grow to the next level. Business performance continues to exceed market trends due to the retention and performance of great people.

Industry: Professional Services

“I am very passionate about the learning and education of our people”

Tony Vidray, Director at AV Chartered Accountants, shares how Talent Code has implemented a range of people initiatives that helped his business through a major transformation and has set it up for continued success.
He discusses the importance of nurturing people’s development and the role that Talent Code has played in defining “great” to provide staff with role clarity and systems to hold each other accountable for performance.

The Results?
A well-embedded system that allows staff to manage their own development and be held accountable for performance against the things that matter most to the business and its customers.

Industry: Not for Profit

“We have seen a greater level of high performance across the company”

Danny Lester, CEO of Aboriginal Employment Strategy, shares how Talent Code has impacted the performance of the business through the design of a new bonus and compensation scheme that aligns the business to “great” performance.

He discusses how the design and implementation of a strategically aligned short-term and long-term incentive scheme that starts with measuring what is important has aligned people and performance across the business.

The Results?
The business is experiencing a greater level of high performance, individuals are motivated and more people are performing at their potential.

Industry: Engineering & Manufacturing

“Our business is performing well and our staff are now much more engaged”

Ben Hickson, General Manager at J&S Engineering, shares how Talent Code has impacted the performance of the business through the development of their leaders and access to HR expertise from Talent Code’s HR On-Demand.

He discusses how businesses are only as good as their people and the impact Talent Code has had on the development of Supervisors and Leading Hands. Ranging from creating role clarity and simple systems for holding people accountable for performance to customised leadership development programs, Talent Code has implemented a range of people initiatives that have ensured a strong transfer of learning into the business.

The Results?
The right people systems are in place to effectively drive performance and Supervisors and Leading Hands are stepping up to fulfill their potential. This is allowing the business to continue to thrive and grow.