Resourcing Greatness

We ensure you can attract and hire great people to maintain your momentum towards becoming a great business. We support businesses in two key areas

3b - Recruit Assist

Recruit Assist

This is about taking the complexity and cost out of attracting, selecting and hiring great people and includes:

  • Recruitment process outsourcing. We can manage the hiring process for your business – without traditional placement fees
  • Onsite interview support from our hiring experts
  • In-house training. We can provide your team with the tools, training and know how to become proficient recruiters
3a - Assessments

Cultural X-Ray

This is about using pre-employment assessments to improve the quality of your hires and includes:

  • State of the art online simulation based assessments including HR Avatar
  • Leadership and potential assessments
  • Psychologist-written reports to ensure you know exactly what you are getting with your next hire

The cost of a poor hire can be up to 300% of the employee’s base salary and more if they are in a sales or service role. Is it time to review your hiring practices?

What Our Clients Say About Us


We are very happy with the results of working with Talent Code

Don Mills, CEO at ANC, explains how TalentCode HR have helped with engaging and on boarding with key management and driver fleet. Systems are now in place to ensure all our drivers  provide and excellent experience to the customer when making deliveries as this is essential

How we help our clients

HR Consulting
The Foundations of Greatness

We provide advice, policies & templates to keep you compliant

HR Sydney
The Heart of Greatness

We set you up with the critical people systems that sit at the core of great business

HR Support
Resourcing Greatness

We ensure you can attract and hire the right people to maintain your momentum

HR Advice
Developing Greatness

We ensure you have star players and star teams at all levels

HR Outsourcing
Embedding Greatness

We embed HR Specialists in your business to power your momentum