The 4 Key Steps to Mastering Negotiation

The 4 Key Steps to Mastering Negotiation

August 10, 2023 Leadership

Negotiation plays a pivotal role in the modern business landscape, impacting the outcomes of crucial interactions among stakeholders and organisations. From mitigating disputes and securing strategic partnerships to navigating salary discussions with employees, effective negotiation skills are indispensable for professionals trying to optimise organisational success. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into four essential steps […]

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How to Manage Emotions in Difficult Conversations

May 11, 2023 Leadership

As we approach the end of the financial year, companies are gearing up for performance reviews to evaluate their employees’ progress and plan for the year ahead. However, these reviews can be a source of stress for both managers and employees, often resulting in difficult conversations. At TalentCode HR, we understand the importance of managing […]

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Leader as a Coach – Falling into The Advice Trap

October 24, 2022 Leadership

The ability to motivate and develop others is a highly sought-after quality in leadership and management positions. This has come with a shift in people’s perception and beliefs of the role of managers and leaders in organisations, no longer are they seen to simply command, control and correct.  We are currently experiencing a workforce that […]

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How to Navigate ‘The Great Resignation’ and What it Means for Your Business

December 20, 2021 Culture, Leadership

The term ‘The Great Resignation’ is being thrown around a lot these days. We are hearing of how this phenomenon is sweeping the US and UK, so what does it mean for businesses down here in Australia? With our Australian international borders being closed for nearly two years and our states in and out of […]

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Leadership Development – The Power of Peer/Group Pods in the Workplace

November 18, 2021 Leadership, Uncategorized

The need for leadership development is never-ending. With workplaces constantly evolving, increased pressure coming out of lockdown and yet still so much uncertainty, leaders need to be equipped with the skills and agility to tackle what comes their way. Leadership capabilities is a highly sought-after trait in professionals, businesses worldwide invest time and money into […]

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The Skills You Need To Succeed In Any Career

May 12, 2021 Leadership, Uncategorized

Career success stems from mastering a core set of skills that can be applied to any role you might have or wish to pursue in the future.  When you practice and strengthen these skills in the workplace you will increase your chances of success.  Below are the top skills you should continually focus on developing: […]

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Planning to Thrive

April 16, 2020 Leadership, Uncategorized

By now many businesses have recovered from the initial shock brought on by COVID-19. While the struggle and uncertainty is still very real and current for business, many are starting to adapt to a new way of working and understand the broader business implications. The key differentiator between businesses who will survive the COVID-19 pandemic […]

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4 Principles Of An Effective Leadership Program

September 12, 2019 Leadership

When it comes to achieving your company’s strategy, building a culture of accountability, or implementing effective people management processes, you need leaders in your business to have the right skills. Do you have the right capabilities in your business today to meet your future growth objectives? Whether it’s an immediate need, or just preparing for […]

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How well do my People Managers manage their staff?

March 16, 2017 Leadership

One of the most important questions you can ask yourself as a Leader is quite simply “How well do my people managers manage their staff?” Sound simple? Think you have an answer? Will let’s put it in context before you make that decision. If you stop and think about your workforce right now – how […]

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The Future Of Work: How Can We Adapt To Survive And Thrive?

October 12, 2016 Leadership

Last year Deloitte published a report discussing how the world of work is changing rapidly and what organisations and individuals need to think about in order to keep up (Deloitte Access Economics 2015).  The research  surveyed 1,400 Australian employees asking questions about employment history career and educational requirements and their plans for the future. The […]

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